Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yeah so maybe this seems all dark and depressing

That's just cuz I wanted to start off with a strong point. It gets considerably more fun when we start to look at images of beauty. Models are chosen to represent the current ideal of beauty. We can go back in time and notice trends, like differences in models' weight, hair style, facial expression, even eye-brow shape! Not only are there models to tell us what "beautiful" looks like, but now we have "super-models." These women "must" be beautiful, because they are chosen as the ultimate icons of beauty. Not only do these women represent current ideals of beauty, but they also tell men and (especially) women what it means to be beautiful. There is no concrete, unchanging standard. If we grew up in a different culture or different time, we would have an entirely different notion of what "beautiful" means. Sure there are some universal standards, like symmetrical features, but we are largely programmed into having a certain perception of what beautiful is. And as supermodels became thinner and thinner as time went by, girls looked at the images and starting hating themselves for not being that thin. Images of supposed and largely unattainable beauty made women hate their own bodies-- their lips, their hair, their breasts, their skin. And now that models are increasingly getting lip injections and breast implants, young girls are struggling harder and harder to look like these women, which can result in: young girls trying to look sexy, the development of eating disorders, and low self-esteem or self-hatred, which is related to depression and self-injury.

So, what is wrong with the images of supermodels? I'm totally ready to expose the lies, aren't you?! Sounds fun to me.

Perhaps some other people besides myself have been present for a debate as to whether so-and-so has breast implants. First of all, even if all the huge breasts we see on models and in ads were real, this is absolutely sending a message that big breasts are necessary if you want to be sexy. This, as I said, leads to self-hatred among easy-influenced young women, and it also leads to sky-rocketing plastic surgery rates. Some people don't think that is a problem either, but I'll have to discuss that later. So, even if all the big breasts in ads were real, that's still sending a warped message, but we are increasingly seeing images of breasts implants everywhere we go. Billboards, t.v. commercials, magazine ads. This tells boys and girls that these images signify beauty. Now that so many models have implants, the image is even more unattainable for girls who want to achieve this beauty ideal. Why is it that our image of beauty is something that is not even real? These are supposed to be icons of beauty! Everything is getting so robotic. And many models are on the anorexic level, which is 80% below the normal weight. With fake breasts on already very thin and tall bodies, we are glamorizing and idolizing something that is very unnatural.

Ingesting images of beauty that are significantly made of plastic may be bad for your health.

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