Monday, November 26, 2007


Click Here to view the video discussing the No Anorexia billboard seen in Italy.

A statement said: "Toscani [the photographer] has literally laid his subject bare, to show the reality of this sickness to all through this naked body, a sickness that in most cases is caused by the stereotypes imposed on women by the fashion world." (Billboard appeared during fashion week in Milan.)

I think this billboard is great. The photographer is trying to make people confront the reality of anorexia. Anorexia is a deadly illness that is being promoted when anorexic and super-thin models are continually presented as being the epitome of beauty. There is also a huge amount of pressure within the industry to be underweight; many models (and former models) have spoken publicly about the rampant problems of drug use, bulimia and anorexia in the modeling world.

A recent image from Teen Vogue magazine:

And last month's issue of Glamour magazine (along side an untouched photo):

America Ferrera has become hugely successful playing "Ugly Betty" on TV, a girl who supposedly doesn't match up in outward beauty to the women around her yet is well-liked and successful. America goes through wardrobe and make-up changes to alter her appearance for the show, but still, in real life she is not as thin as most women working in Hollywood (although she has lost a lot of weight-- perhaps due to industry pressure-- since her wonderful debut in the film "Real Women Have Curves.") With all of this taken into account, I find it truly sick that Glamour magazine digitally altered America's image to make her look much thinner than she really is. They are saying that even though they love "Ugly Betty," she is still not beautiful enough for the cover of their magazine. They are saying that even though America Ferrera has lost weight (and is awesome and just won an Emmy award!), that she is still not thin enough for the cover of their magazine. The whole thing is ironic, even more so because there is an episode of "Ugly Betty" dealing with a young model, and the moral issues involved when her magazine images are photoshopped to make her look much thinner.

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lordmelkor said...

that is so nasty. it's amazing that the media and the free market have been able to convince america that such a creepy look of having nothing more than skin and bones is the ideal look for women. more anorexia ads need to be used.