Sunday, March 25, 2007

News Update

Sexy or Sadistic? -- The Dolce & Gabbana gang-rape fantasy ad has been pulled.

Love your Body
-- This great website is also in the fight against sexist advertising. This is what they had to say about the D & G ad:

This ad is beyond offensive, with a scene evoking a gang rape and reeking of violence against women. In an interview, NOW Foundation President Kim Gandy said, "It's in Esquire, so they probably don't think a stylized gang rape will sell clothes to women, but what is more likely is that they think it will get them publicity. It's a provocative ad but it is provoking things that really are not what we want to have provoked. We don't need any more violence."

Spain bans skinny sizes on mannequins -- “'We are aiming for a model of healthy beauty,'” said Angeles Heras, director of consumer affairs at the Health Ministry. “'There is a lot pressure, not just from the fashion world but society in general, for women to seek models of beauty that are unreal and even unhealthy.'”

GM Decides to Back Off 'Suicide' Ad -- Suicide becomes the new topic of debate.

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