Sunday, July 1, 2007

Say hello

The winner of "America's Next Top Model" has been chosen! Say hello to Jaslene Gonzalez:

I figured since I discuss body image so much here, it was important to show these pictures. Every young girl watching this show has been told that Jaslene Gonzalez is the picture of beauty. The message this sends is terrible. She is so thin that she looks unhealthy and should under no circumstances be a role model for girls.


Interestingly, "America's Next Top Model" is hosted by Tyra Banks, the same person I praised in an earlier entry for sending positive messages to girls.

Mixed messages, anyone?


Anonymous said...

ugh, yes Jaslene is skinny. But, it ticks me off how you said America's Next Top Model is showing girls that this is the image of beauty. How dare you to say she is not beautiful. Skinny girls have self-esteem too. Not to mention that Jaslene had confirmed that she does not ave an eating disorder and she feels sorry for the girls who do. I'm sick of people calling others out for being skinny, it's a natural thing for her and if she were to try and change that for your "image" of beauty, she would be doing exactly what anorexic girls do. Do not think of well I'm only saying this because I'm skinny. I'm a 14 year old girl who is five foot five and 160 pounds. I've got curves and I love them and I also love Jaslene's body. Calling her out for her body makes you just as bad as anyone else.

Anonymous said...

the bitch looks nasty

Anonymous said...

she could just be naturally skinny... they can't not chose her for that if she's the best model.. and she is a really good model.