Saturday, July 21, 2007

Remember Sisley?

I complained about the following ad a while ago:

I don't even know for sure what this ad is selling, but I suppose that would be the barely-there denim dress on the barely-there model who looks like she is being tied up. Is this image supposed to make a woman want to buy this dress? My question remains, why do people think this will help sell a product? If there is someone out there who knows something I don't know about advertising, fill me in.

And now, a new ad from Sisley. The caption should be: "Snort Coke. Don't Eat. Look good in this dress that doesn't even contain enough fabric to function as a scarf." Focus: girl on the right. Her makeup is done to make her look like she's just been beaten up, and her eyes seem to be rolling into the back of her head like those drugs are about to take her from high to overdose.

Oh No... Upon looking up more information on Sisley, I just found out that the above ad is a fake! At first I got upset that I wasted my time posting the picture and writing about it, until my quest led to me to real Sisley ads that were more disgusting than anything I thought I'd find. And now that it's time to reveal the first image, I've decided I don't even want to post it on my page.

Here's a link.
One more.

Don't I wish that those were the fake ads. It seems too crazy to be true. Josie Maran, the model here, got in trouble with Maybelline (for whom she was a spokesperson) over these photos.

Here are some more pictures that Sisley has used to advertise their clothing.

I'm speechless.

Wow, I'm almost predicting the next Sisley ad is going to look like our favorite Dolce & Gabbana ad, except with animals in place of the men.

More Sisley:

It seems that a lot of these photos are from 1999 to 2001, so there won't be any protests now. But I certainly will never buy anything from Sisley. Actually, I've never even seen a Sisley store or Sisley clothing in America, though I'm not exactly known for my interest in fashion.

More photos.

Well, at least the models don't appear to be underage, like the ad I'm going to talk about next time. Then again, I'm not sure how old the animals are (haha.) But truly, I find these ads to be degrading to both the women and the animals featured.

Zoophilia is most commonly referred to only jokingly; it's not something people really want to talk about on a serious level. And this is definitely the first time I have seen it implied in an ad campaign. Personally, I hate the pictures, but i'm not sure how to elaborate on that more without discussing zoophilia further, which I am not interested in doing.

I wonder, does anyone like the ads? Do they make you want to buy the... clothing featured? (They don't exactly make it clear what they are trying to sell!)


Anonymous said...

First of all, these ads touch on everything that's wrong with trying to market products by means of an exploitation of female sexuality. I only see two things being represented in these ads.
The first, is a sick type of sexually dominant violence toward women, and the second is women featured in seductive poses with animal partners. This sense of bestial eroticism definitely crosses a taboo that I don't think most people want to see displayed that way. There isn't a single element to this campaign that isn't revolting. Let's not forget the girl squeezing a cow's udder symbolizing the infamous money shot. Pure filth all around.

-Michael Markham

Anonymous said...

I can barely look at these posts, they were so disturbing..... eeeewww!!! I'm glad I found this site, this shows truly horrific things we are witnessing in ads!

The bad thing is that I am at work, I don't want my bosses to think I am looking at ..well, you know....or something on the computer. How can women allow themselves to be objectified like this?

tommy c. said...

omg!!! those photos are amazing! i love terry richardson! thanks for sharing :) (found via a link my friend sent when i said i liked her drugged-out looking photos)

Anonymous said...

Ew like omg! The human body is the most disgusting thing ever and therefore must be covered up! Actually some of these ads are quite tongue in cheek, but you might not have noticed seeing as you were too busy being "outraged" at a little bit of sexuality.

Nadia said...

this is sexuality to you? wow.
my post is not about how much skin is shown; i think that is very clear.

Anonymous said...

i like them! advertising is supposed to catch people's attention, and it certainly did, especially in your case, you did not know the brand and now you do, and you don't get tired of talking about it!
well done sisley!

Anonymous said...

From the anonymous that wrote a comment on February 22: "a little bit of sexuality," The pictures clearly show these girls doing heavy drugs, being raped (one by several men), or preparing to have sex with animals. Hon, that might be your distorted view of "a little bit of sexuality," but to normal people, it is all disgusting, disturbing actually. This is what is wrong with women: they don't know where to stop. They loath and attack men, but they want to be even more disgusting than that which they loath. I pity women. (Oh, i am a woman, but a resolved, healthy one.)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah anonymous dec 28! You got it! Im totally with you, and more than that, I trully believe those coments where maybe probably elaborated by someone from sisley or terry richardson staff, well, you know the the sistem (pardon the horible english)... I don't think it would be possible for someone who thinks and feel not to understand Nadia's words justaposed with those images shown here! But yeah, on the other hand there's all kind of tastes and personas in the world, it's crazy, sometimes that makes me sad, sometimes happy... Anyways I clap clap you and Nadia!!

Anonymous said...

Well, now that I've tried to see the ad that was just linked and not posted, and found that it n'existe plus, I'm more positive on my theorry. And forgot to say on the last one that I loved the "comparison" with dg add, and would really like to know what woud the infamous money shot means exactly. Oh! And (sorry) last but not least the cocaine add is false?? I thought I've might seen it at a fashions magazime, bit maybe it was on fashion blogs? Who knows... the thing maybe is why sould sisley "allow" it to still be all over google and blogs and stuff, something that's suposed to be false and maybe would make such a damage to their image! Or should we think a compliment? Hard to understand...

Anonymous said...

Alrigjt, got the moneu shot! Xo

Nadia said...

wow, i am really appreciating these comments! thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts with me. keep visiting, and thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

How are they tongue in cheek? They are just rotten- the human body is beautiful, not like these pictures. Misogyny and vandalism!